Refrigerator Pickles versus Canned Pickles

Quick/Refrigerator pickles and Canned pickles are not the same. The recipe looks the same – you sterilize your jars and lids, you prepare your vegetables, you heat up vinegar and spices, you stuff veggies into sterilized jars and fill ’em up with the hot vinegar mixture, and you screw on the lids.

THIS is where the difference happens.

Quick pickles will simply cool to room temperature on the counter and be put into the fridge. They are not shelf stable. They must remain in the fridge and be eaten relatively quickly.

The canned pickles require an additional step. They must be submerged in boiling water for the prescribed amount of time (depends on the recipe and your elevation). Then they must cool and rest for 24 hours before you can store them away in your pantry.

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